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Frequent Ask Question : 

- What is C.E?
✿ Its acronym for Cutie Eden

- Is this shop related to Baby Ky Kawai Shoppu (B.K.K.S) ?
✿ Yes, its C.E first page. I cant change that page name to C.E because it reached 200+ likes so i decide to make C.E page & keep B.K.K.S

- How to place order?
✿ Just private message (PM)

- Do C.E take bulk order?
✿ Yes

- Payment method?
✿ Bank in / cash deposit / online transfer

-What Bank is used?
✿ Maybank

- What Shipping is used & How long?
✿ Poslaju. 1 day@2day(if poslaju delay)

- Do you ship internationally?
✿  Yes (but through agent)

- Where do C.E shop located?
✿ C.E is only online base

- When can finish?
✿ 1 week, counting start a day after payment been made
✿ 2 week for bulk order OR for big plushie

- When can pay OR order?
✿ Anytime, no dateline.

- Do you do meet up?
✿ Yes but only at Sandakan Town

- Do you custom made?
✿ Yes

- How do C.E count price?
✿ Price vary depend on design/size/etc

- How about our balance?
✿ Will transfer online if you have maybank account, if not will pos together with your items

- Shipping rate?
for poslaju:
✿ RM 10.00 - Peninsular Malaysia✿ RM 8.00 - Sarawak✿ RM 6.00 - Sabah @ Labuan

- What details required for our order?
✿ Give link/pic/sketches for C.E to follow

- Do you recruit agent?✿ Yes

- Is there any discounts?
✿ Yes if you buy more OR regular customer

- Do you sell raw material like clay/felt?
✿ No
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